Trouble Sleeping? Here’s a summary of tips from Shawn Stevenson’s “Sleep Smarter” which can help you wind down and relax at bed time:

-Spend more time in the sun: Getting a couple hours of direct sunlight (especially in the mornings) can help your body reset its internal clock and help you get ready to sleep when the sun goes down.

-No screens before bed: The light from your phone or TV can interrupt your body’s ability to get ready for sleep, so try to read a book or do something else not involving electronics in the hour before bedtime. If you do need to use your phone, download the “f.lux” app which will put your phone into night mode and cut down on the blue light coming from your screen.

-Keep your room cool: Research shows that cooler bedroom temperatures can help people with insomnia. Aim to keep your bedroom around 67 degrees at night to get better sleep.

-Magnesium to help you relax: Magnesium is the main ingredient in Epsom salt baths, which can help ease your muscle tension. Did you know you can get the same ingredient as a pill or a lotion? Applying some magnesium to sore muscles before bed can help you relax and sleep better.

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