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Since 1997, Austin Total Healthcare has been committed to providing outstanding service and care for our patients. Austin Total Healthcare is one of the top-rated Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinics in the Austin area. We also offer pain management and medical services. All of our staff are dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health and enjoy life without pain!

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Please contact us if you have a question concerning an appointment, to schedule an appointment or just a general question or comment. To contact us just send an email to or call 512-447-9675

What Our Practice Offers

Thousands of patients have trusted their recovery to Austin Total Healthcare

Conditions We Treat

Our providers treat many conditions using many different modalities that we personalize for each patient. Our more common conditions we treat are auto, workers compensation, and sports injuries, back, neck, shoulder, headache and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis.

At Austin Total Healthcare we combine the use of chiropractic and physical therapy to get our patients better faster and stay better longer. The chiropractic adjustment addresses the misalignment and structural issue of the neck and back. The physical therapy addresses the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the spine. By improving the muscles around the spine, we can help get rid of the neck and back and pain and eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Both treatments are great on their own, but when they are combined the results are amazing.

Auto Accident

Injury to the cervical spine or neck, is a common injury for people involved in an automobile accident

Work Injuries

The leading cause of work related injuries include those stemming from pulling, pushing, lifting, throwing or carrying objects

Sport Injuries

Sports injuries are virtually inevitable for many athletes and can often linger into the future if not treated correctly.

Knee Pain

According to research, knee pain is the second-most common form of chronic pain worldwide.

Back Pain

Herniation from an injury, poor posture & body mechanics, as well as spinal degeneration and arthritis are common causes.

Shoulder Pain

Research shows that up to 26% of adults suffer from some form of shoulder pain.


Millions of Americans deal with headaches stemming from different causes each day. Headaches generally fall into two separate categories: tension headaches and migraines.

Neck Pain

The neck, or cervical spine, is a complex structure that can have a large impact on health and vitality.

Our Staff

Dr. Ben Davis is a Chiropractor and fitness lover. With experience as a Personal Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, and Insurance Specialist, he can help you get back to feeling your best. Dr. Davis completed his Chiropractic education at Parker University in Dallas, Tx. Dr. Davis uses a variety of techniques, including Diversified, Thompson, Activator, and PNF Stretching.

Dr. Michael Pulgo completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy in the Philippines. He then pursued his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College of Blaveult in the State of New York. Michael has various experiences both in the Philippines and the United States. In 2018, He moved to Texas from New York City to render his utmost expertise by providing therapy treatments to patients with various medical conditions in different age groups with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional levels.


Give us a call today at 512-447-9675 so we can begin relieving the condition affecting you!

Car accidents can be an unfortunate result of being in a car – whether you’re behind the wheel or not. Life can happen fast, and in the event that you require care for an auto accident injury, our unique and specialized treatment plans from our car accident providers will provide you with the necessary care to ensure you are feeling your best as quickly as possible.

We have many years of experience assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries associated with automobile accidents. We can help you with the paperwork and we have answers to these and many other questions. The sooner that the problems are addressed the quicker the pains and other issues associated with the accident can be taken care of.

What People Say About Us.

I had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very kind and the office was very clean. They took the extra steps to keep the place clean. Overall just a great place and great environment.

– Anna Taylor

It was a pleasure being able to get helped by Austin Total Healthcare. They took very good care of me and my injuries. I definitely recommend this place for anyone seeking help. They are very friendly and provide an over all great service.

– Eric Villarruel

The staff at Austin Total Healthcare were great. After being involved in a rear end collision, I was treated by a chiropractor for the first time ever and I was pleased with the treatment. I recommend this office to everyone.

– Jackie Bunton

Everyone at Austin total healthcare has been amazing! My appointments go smoothly and prompt on time. The staff is a great and always made me feel comfortable and really listened to my concerns and helped with all of my pains. And the ladies up front were incredibly sweet and caring. Love this place and staff. I recommend anyone who needs physical therapy to come here.

– Megan Macarthur

My experience with Austin Total Health Care was very pleasant. The doctors and staff took very good care of me. I would recommend everyone to Austin Total Health Care. Rick at Austin Total Health Care help me with my financial situation. Thanks to all of you I feel awesome.

– Onnie Johnson

Hi there I will be as excited to talk about our experience here. These people have helped us in many ways not judging our appearance or financial situation. They were here to help without hesitation after the crash we had suffered. Without a doubt they put us on the right track back to being ourselves. The Staff went beyond their duties in getting clarification on certain situations and circumstances. I'd say this was a very important piece to this puzzle that is ready to help. Thank you!

– Stacey Acosta